You can use the controls in this properties sheet to administer the properties of a single zone. The following table lists the tabs that can appear in the zone properties sheet, depending on the zone type.

Item Details


Use this tab to view the zone's status and to configure the following zone properties:

  • Default aging and scavenging settings

  • Dynamic updates

  • Zone type (including whether the zone data is stored in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) or in a file)

  • Replication scope (Active Directory–integrated zones only)

  • Master servers (secondary and stub zones only)

Start of Authority (SOA)

Use this tab to configure the zone's SOA record. The SOA record specifies the following for the zone:

  • Primary server

  • Zone administrator's e-mail address

  • Secondary zone expiration values

  • Minimum default Time To Live (TTL) values for zone resource records

Name Servers

Use this tab to manage the list of authoritative name servers (NS) for the zone.


Use this tab to enable and manage Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) name resolution for the zone. This tab is not available for stub zones.

Zone Transfers

Use this tab to enable replication of zone data to other servers and to specify which servers can receive zone data. This tab is not available for stub zones.


Use this tab to specify the user accounts that can be used to access the zone and the type of access to be allowed to each account. This tab is available for Active Directory–integrated zones only.

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