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Use this tab to select the IP addresses that the Domain Name System (DNS) server will use to listen for DNS queries.


Use this tab to specify the DNS servers to which this server will refer queries when it cannot resolve them itself. Using forwarders prevents this server from using recursion to resolve DNS queries.


Use this tab to perform the following actions:

  • View the server version number.

  • Set advanced server options.

  • Select the type of name checking to be performed for all zones.

  • Select where the server obtains zone data when it starts.

  • Enable and configure default scavenging settings.

Root Hints

Use this tab to specify the servers to be used for root hints when forwarders are not configured or do not respond.

Debug Logging

Use this tab to configure packet-level logging for debugging purposes.

Event Logging

Use this tab to specify the types of events that will be recorded in the DNS event log.


Use this tab to perform tests to verify the correct server configuration.

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