There are seven screens used to configure the DHCP Server role in Server Manager. The screen titles are in bold below and the help topic links provided on each screen of Server Manager are listed under the screen title:

Screen 1: DHCP Server

DHCP Overview

More about adding scopes

Integrating DHCP with DNS

Screen 2: IPv4 DNS Settings

More about DNS server settings->Integrating DHCP with DNS

Screen 3: IPv4 WINS Settings

More about WINS server settings

Screen 4: DHCP Scopes

More about adding scopes

Screen 5: Configure DHCPv6 Stateless Mode

More about DHCPv6 stateless mode

Screen 6: IPv6 DNS Server Settings

Integrating DHCP with DNS

Screen 7: Authorize DHCP Serve

More about authorizing DHCP servers in AD DS

Additional Resources

For more information about security group requirements and configuration, see:More About DHCP Security Groups.

For updated detailed IT pro information about DHCP, see the Windows Server 2008 documentation on the Microsoft TechNet Web site.