Distributed File System is implemented as a role service of the File Services role. Distributed File System consists of two role services:

To manage DFS Namespaces and DFS Replication, you can use the DFS Management snap-in hosted by Server Manager, or you can use the DFS Management snap-in from the Administrative Tools folder. Or you can use command prompt tools, as discussed later in this topic.


To view or manage replication groups that contain read-only replicated folders or members that are failover clusters, you must use the version of DFS Management that is included with Windows Server 2008 R2.

For more information about DFS Namespaces and DFS Replication, see the following topics:

Managing DFS from a Command Prompt

To manage Distributed File System from a command prompt you can use the commands listed in the following table, or write scripts that use Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

Command Description


Manages DFS namespaces, server and client computers.


Configures DFS folders and folder targets in a DFS namespace.


Performs diagnostics tests of DFS Namespaces.


Manages DFS Replication replicated folders.


Performs diagnostic tests of DFS Replication.

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