After creating a namespace and adding folders and targets, use the following checklist to tune or optimize the way DFS Namespace handles referrals and polls Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) for updated namespace data.

In addition, by using a DFS Namespaces enhancement known as target priority, you can specify the priority of servers so that a specific server is always placed first or last in the list of servers (known as a referral) that the client receives when it accesses a folder with targets in the namespace.

Task Reference

Prevent users from seeing folders in a namespace that they do not have permissions to access

Enable Access-Based Enumeration on a Namespace

Enable or prevent users from being referred to a namespace or folder target when they access a folder in the namespace

Enable or Disable Referrals and Client Failback

Adjust how long clients cache a referral before requesting a new one

Change the Amount of Time That Clients Cache Referrals

Specify in what order users should be referred to folder targets

Set the Ordering Method for Targets in Referrals

Override referral ordering for a specific namespace server or folder target

Set Target Priority to Override Referral Ordering

Optimize how namespace servers poll AD DS to obtain the most current namespace data

Optimize Namespace Polling

Use inherited permissions to control which users can view folders in a namespace for which access-based enumeration is enabled

Using Inherited Permissions with Access-Based Enumeration