In this step of the DirectAccess Setup wizard (step 1), you configure settings for DirectAccess clients. For the initial configuration of DirectAccess client settings in the DirectAccess snap-in, expand the DirectAccess node, click the Setup node, and then click Configure for step 1.

The security groups containing the computer accounts of DirectAccess clients must exist before you configure step 1. For more information, see Create a New Group (

On the DirectAccess Client Setup page, click Add and specify the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) security groups that contain the computer accounts for the computers that you want enabled as DirectAccess clients. These computers receive Group Policy settings that configure DirectAccess behavior. Computers that are not members of the specified security groups are not enabled as DirectAccess clients and cannot access the internal network by using the DirectAccess server. When you have specified the groups, click Finish. To change the DirectAccess client settings, click Edit for step 1.

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