The DirectAccess snap-in in Windows Server® 2008 R2 allows you to monitor the components of DirectAccess that are running on a DirectAccess server. To view the components and their status, click the Monitoring node in the DirectAccess snap-in. The contents pane displays the overall status of the server and the status of the following DirectAccess components:

The status of each component is refreshed every 10 seconds. The refresh interval is not configurable. For all of the components except the DNS Server component, click Details to view the Performance Monitor snap-in with preconfigured counters for the selected component.

Each of the components can be in one of the following states: Active, idle, warning, error, or unconfigured. The system state reflects the worst state of its components. For example, if both warning and error states are reported by components, the system state is in the error state.

To configure DirectAccess monitoring settings, right-click the Monitor node, and then click Configure. In the DirectAccess Monitoring Setup dialog box, you can configure the Internet and internal network interfaces and the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) addresses of internal network Domain Name System (DNS) servers.

For more information about the states of the DirectAccess server components and the Performance Monitor counters, see the DirectAccess home page on Microsoft Technet (