Item Details

Output Options

  • Trace Output, Trace Transactions: Select both of these check boxes to enable tracing.

  • Trace All Transactions: Select this check box to trace all transactions. Enabling this option can affect system performance. By default, this option is not enabled.

  • Trace Aborted Transactions: Select this check box to trace only aborted transactions. This option is selected by default.

  • Trace Long-Lived Transactions: If you select this check box, transactions that live beyond a certain time interval are traced, indicating that these transactions might not be resolved. The system-defined time-out interval is one minute plus the time-out period for the transaction (if a time-out period is specified).

Logging Options

  • New Session: Click this button to start a new logging session. Any logging session that is currently running must be stopped before a new logging session can be created. When a new logging session starts up, the DTC backs up the existing log file, if one exists.

  • Stop Session: Click this button to stop the current logging session. Stopping a trace session causes the trace log file to become unlocked so that you can delete the file, if necessary. To ensure that any data in the memory buffers is written to the log, click Flush Data before you stop a logging session.

  • Flush Data: Click this button to move all the data from its memory buffers to the log file on disk. Click this button before you view trace data to ensure that all trace data in memory is sent to disk. Otherwise, some trace data might not appear in the log file when you view it. Clicking this button might affect system performance. When the tracing session is stopped, this button is disabled.

  • Max. Num. of Memory Buffers: Change this value if you want to change the maximum number of memory buffers allowed. The default maximum value is 25. If you increase this limit, the DTC writes a message to the event viewer. This memory is taken out of the nonpageable buffer. Therefore, if the amount of memory that is available in the nonpageable buffer is not sufficient, you might not be able to set a high number for this value. In this case, the DTC displays a warning message. If this happens, click OK.