Item Details

Activation type

Click Library application for an application that runs in the process of the client that creates it. It can be called only by clients that are located on the same computer.

Click Server application for an application that runs in its own dedicated server process.

If you change an application's activation type, other properties for the application are reset.


If you select the Uses SOAP check box:

  • In SOAP VRoot, specify the Internet Information Services (IIS) virtual root directory where the components of this application are to be available as an XML Web service.

  • SOAP Security indicates whether COM+ role-based security is implemented for activations through Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

Remote Server Name

Type the remote server name that is used by the application proxy. An application proxy directs client calls to a COM+ server application that is installed on a remote computer.

Application Root Directory

Type the full path of the directory that contains a valid side-by-side assembly manifest file that is used to create an activation context for the application. Applications use activation contexts to load a particular dynamic-link library (DLL) version, Component Object Model (COM) object instance, or custom window version.