If you have information in existing connection profiles that you need in the connection profile you are building, you can use the CMAK wizard to merge much of the information from existing profiles into the profile you are building. A profile that contains information from other connection profiles is called the top-level profile. A connection profile that has its information merged into another connection profile is called a component profile.

Setting Description

Existing profiles

Displays the list of all available connection profiles that contain settings that can be merged into the current profile.

Profiles to be merged

Displays the list of all connection profiles whose settings you selected to include in the current profile.


Moves the selected connection profile in the Existing Profiles list to the Profiles to be merged list.


Removes the selected connection profile from the Profiles to be merged list.

Select connection profiles from the list on the left, and then click Add to move them to the list on the right. Connection profiles in the list on the right will be merged into the current profile when the profile is compiled.

For more information about merging information from multiple profiles, see Merging Phone Books and Other Features from Existing Service Profiles (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=80951) on the Microsoft Web site.

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