Use this wizard page to specify information that determines how the client finds and uses proxy servers. A proxy server helps ensure that your user can access appropriate internal and external network resources when using this connection profile.

Setting Description

Do not configure proxy settings

Specifies that the proxy settings on the client computer are not changed after connecting by using this connection profile.

Automatically copy the Internet Explorer proxy settings for the current user to the tunnel interface.

Specifies that if the client computer has Internet Explorer installed then the proxy settings already configured in Internet Explorer are the settings used for the connection to the remote network.

Automatically configure proxy settings

Specifies that the proxy settings in Proxy settings file are applied to the computer after the connection is successfully completed.

Proxy settings file

Specifies the file that contains the proxy configuration that is applied to the client computer.

Restore the users' previous proxy settings after disconnecting

If selected, the user's original settings are saved before the proxy settings file is applied. The settings are restored when the connection to the remote network is ended.

For more information about creating a proxy settings file, see Using Automatic Proxy Configuration ( on the Microsoft Web site.

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