Use this tab to specify the IP configuration that you want to be applied to clients that connect to a remote virtual private network (VPN) server by using this connection profile.

Setting Description

Server assigns addresses

Specifies that the client is configured dynamically by the server when it connects. If the addresses of the DNS and WINS servers on your VPN accessible network change, then you only need to change the configuration on the server providing this information to the clients. All clients receive updated information the next time they connect.

All clients use these addresses

Specifies that the client uses the IP addresses entered in the text boxes below this selection. You can specify any or all of the server addresses supported, including the primary and secondary DNS servers and the primary and secondary WINS servers. If you only need one server of a specific type, you must use the Primary text box to enter it.

If you use this option and then later change the addresses of the DNS and WINS servers, you must change this profile, recompile it, and then redistribute it to all of your clients.

Make this connection the client's default gateway

Specifies that when this profile connects to the remote VPN server, the client's default gateway address is changed to that of the VPN server. After this change, the client directs all non-local subnet traffic over the VPN.

Use IP header compression

Specifies that IP header compression is used over the VPN link to make better use of the network bandwidth.

For more information about configuring VPN entries, see Incorporating VPN Entries ( on the Microsoft Web site.

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