The CMAK wizard supports most of the customization features that administrators need to build a custom Connection Manager profile. However, you can customize additional features by editing the connection profile files, thereby changing the manner in which Connection Manager handles some functions.

Setting Description

File name

Specifies the name of the file to modify. The choices in Section name change based on which file you select. You can modify the .cms or .cmp file associated with your connection profile.

Section name

Specifies the section name containing a setting you want to modify. The choices in Key name change based on the section name you select.

Key name

Specifies the individual setting you want to modify. When you select a key name, the current value assigned in the file is displayed in the Value text box.


Specifies the value you want to assign to this configuration setting.


Changes the value assigned to the key name in the section and file identified.

For more information about the files, sections, key names, and values you can configure, see Advanced Customization ( on the Microsoft Web site.

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