Users must have Connection Manager 1.4 installed on their computers to run a connection profile created for Connection Manager 1.4. If your users do not already have Connection Manager 1.4 installed, you must include the software in your service profile. Use this page to specify that this software is included in the service profile being built, so the software is installed when the user installs the service profile.


This page appears only when you run CMAK on a 32-bit version of Windows when you select the Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000 option on the Select Target Operating System wizard page. All later versions of Windows, and all supported 64-bit versions of Windows, already have Connection Manager 1.4.

Setting Description

Install Connection Manager 1.4 with the Connection Manager Profile

When selected, specifies that version 1.4 of the Connection Manager software is included with the profile and is installed on the client computer if it has an older version of Connection Manager installed, or if Connection Manager is not currently installed.

If you include Connection Manager 1.4 in the service profile and a user already has an earlier version of Connection Manager installed, the software is upgraded automatically at installation. Connection Manager is not installed if the current or a newer version is already installed on the user's computer. For example, Connection Manager 1.4 is a component of the Windows Vista operating system, so it is not installed from this profile on computers running Windows Vista. However, the connection profile is installed, even if the Connection Manager software included in the profile is not required.

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