A dial-up phone number in the custom phone book you specified on the Add a Custom Phone Book page is referred to as a Point of Presence (POP). Each POP that you create by using the Phone Book Administrator tool can specify a Dial-up Networking Entry on its Settings tab. If this setting matches an entry on the Configure Dial-up Networking Entries page of the CMAK wizard, then that dial-up networking entry is used to configure a client with an IP address, DNS and WINS servers, and security settings. If the setting in the phone book does not match one of the dial-up networking entries in the CMAK wizard, then the entry marked <Default> is used to configure that connection.

Setting Description


Creates a new dial-up entry. The name should match the Dial-up Networking Entries field of the custom phone book supplied on the previous page of the CMAK wizard.


Edits the currently selected dial-up networking entry.


Deletes the currently selected dial-up networking entry. You cannot delete the <Default> entry.

The dialog box that is displayed when you click New or Edit includes the following tabs:

For more information about configuring dial-up networking entries, see Incorporating Custom Dial-Up Entries (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=80957) on the Microsoft Web site.

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