Use this page to specify information to be displayed in the logon dialog box, directly above Connection status. This line of text usually gives users a number to call for support (for example, "Call 1-800-###-#### for customer service."). No default text exists for this option. If you do not specify a line of text, this area of the logon dialog box will be left blank.

Setting Discription

Support information

Specifies a text string about 50 characters in length to display to users on the logon dialog box.

It is a good idea to repeat this contact information in your Readme file or other installation information you provide in case the logon dialog box is not displayed to the user.

If the contact information depends on the location from which the user is dialing, you might want your customized Help file to list all customer support numbers (to support remote users roaming outside of their home service area). In the line of text in the logon dialog box, you can then include a reference to the Help file. (For example, "For customer support phone numbers, click Help.") If you do this, add a link to the topic containing your support numbers. For more information about customizing Help, see Include a Custom Help File.

Additional references