Item Details

Preferred owners

Select nodes from the list, and then use the buttons to list them in order.

If you want this service or application to be moved to a particular node whenever that node is available:

  • Select the check box for a node and use the buttons to place it at the top of the list.

  • On the Failover tab, ensure that failback is allowed for this service or application.

Note that in the Preferred owners list, even if you clear the check box for a node, the service or application could fail over to that node for either of two reasons:

  • You have not specified any preferred owners.

  • No node that is a preferred owner is currently online.

To ensure that a clustered service or application never fails over to a particular node:

  1. Select an individual resource in the service or application.

  2. Open the Properties sheet for that resource.

  3. Select the Advanced Policies tab.

  4. Configure Possible owners.