The names of custom certificate templates can be changed by an administrator. The names of default certificate templates cannot be changed. Use the Change Names dialog box to change the template name and the template display name.

The template name is the common name attribute of the certificate template object in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), and only that template object is updated when the template name is changed. If the modified template was previously published to issuing certification authorities (CAs) or added to a superseded templates list, then those actions must be repeated to maintain the consistency of the public key infrastructure (PKI) environment.

To change a certificate template name
  1. On the CA, open the Certificate Templates snap-in.

  2. Click the certificate template you want to modify. On the Action menu, click Change Names.


    When a default certificate is selected, Change Names is not displayed. The names of default certificate templates cannot be changed.

  3. Type a new name in the Template name box or the Template display name box, or both.

  4. Click OK to save changes.

  • Changes to the template name may require the following additional procedures:
    • If the modified template is superseded by another template, then update the superseding template by adding the modified template to the list of superseded templates. See Supersede Templates.

    • If the modified template has been published to issuing CAs, then update the list of certificate templates on each issuing CA. See Add a Certificate Template to a Certification Authority.

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