With Authorization Manager, you can include users or groups from any source that can be defined or referenced by the Authorization Manager application programming interface (API). In order to include users and groups from external sources, you must write or acquire a custom object picker. A custom object picker is a software component that can be installed on your system to allow an Authorization Manager administrator to access data stored in an external application.

For more information, see Authorization Manager Model (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=64027).

The permissions required to perform this task will vary for each custom object picker.

Choose users or groups with a custom object picker
  1. Install the custom object picker according to the instructions provided with the non-Microsoft software.

  2. The custom object picker will be added to the Assign users and groups from menu choices under the Role Assignments node and to the drop-down list in the Members and Exclusions tab of the properties sheet for basic application groups. Choose the entry installed by the custom object picker installation process.

  3. Select users from the external source, according to the instructions provided with the custom object picker.

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