A scope is used within an application to limit authorization policy if that authorization policy should not be used outside the scope.

The following table describes the UI elements for this dialog box.

Item Description


Provides a space for you to type the name of the scope (for example, "*.txt, C:\temp, and Computers in Sales Department").

The scope name must be recognized by the application and must be resolvable by the application at the time of the access check. The name must contain only printable characters.

Scope names can be very long. They have a maximum size limit of 64 KB.

Because scopes cannot be nested, some developers use a naming convention for scopes that results in long names. However, if you try to enter a name that is longer than 64 KB, you will receive an error.

The name also cannot be already in use in the application.


Provides a space for you to type the description of the scope.

The description does not affect the functionality of Authorization Manager. Choose a description that is meaningful to you. The description has a maximum size limit of 1,024 bytes.

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