You can use this property page to exclude specific users or groups from an Authorization Manager group.


This tab only appears for basic groups.

The following table describes the UI elements for this property sheet.

Item Description

Users and groups that are excluded from this group

Lists the users and groups that are excluded from this application group. Each user and group is listed with name, type, and description.


Exclusion takes precedence over inclusion.


To remove a user or group from the exclusion list, select the user or group, and click Remove.


Removing a user from the exclusion list will add them to the group only if they are included on the Members tab. Clicking Remove removes them from the exclusion list, not from the group.

Select additional members from

Specifies the source of members:

  • Security principals from the computer or from Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)

  • Other groups defined in Authorization Manager


Click to open a dialog box and select specific member objects.

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