The following table describes the UI elements for this dialog box.

Item Description


Shows the name and location of the authorization store.

If the store is an XML file, the full path is displayed. If the store is in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) distinguished name of the store is displayed. If the store is a Microsoft SQL Server store, the path to the store is displayed as a URL beginning with MSSQL://.


Provides a space for you to type a description of the authorization store.

The description does not affect the functionality of Authorization Manager. Choose a description that is meaningful to you.

Store Type

Shows the store type.

  • XML stores are file-based and do not support delegation.

  • AD DS stores keep their data in AD DS and are specified with an LDAP distinguished name or a URL beginning with MSLDAP://.

  • SQL-based stores keep their data in a Microsoft SQL Server database and are specified with a URL beginning with MSSQL://

Store schema version

Shows the schema version of the store. Version 2.0 was introduced in Windows Server 2008.

Applications written for version 1.0 cannot use authorization stores with schema version 2.0.

Applications written for version 2.0 can use older schemas as well.

If the store is a version 1.0 store, you can upgrade the schema from version 1.0 to version 2.0.

Upgrade Schema Version

Allows you to upgrade the schema of the store to version 2.0.


A schema upgrade cannot be reversed.


This button does not appear if the store is already a schema version 2.0 store.

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