Federation Service URI—Provides a space for you to type the Federation Service Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). A URI is a compact string of characters that is used to identify an abstract resource or physical resource. You can type any URI, including Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) URLs. Specifically, the URI that you configure here is the unique name or location for the realm that is hosted by this Federation Service (farm). A URI consists of a scheme name, followed by a colon, followed by some scheme-specific data. Uniform Resource Names (URNs) such as the name in the example on this property page, are valid URIs. All Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), such as http, ldap, gopher, and ftp, are also valid URIs. You can also use your own custom URI format, for example, fed://identity-sts.

Federation Service endpoint URL—Provides a space for you to type the endpoint URL of the Federation Service that partner organizations and applications will send requests and responses to.

Trust policy version—Displays the trust policy version number that uniquely identifies this trust policy. When notification of a trust policy file change is received, a newer version number tells other servers in the federation server farm that a new version of the trust policy must be loaded. The trust policy version number is incremented each time that the trust policy is updated.