Enabled—Specifies whether this common name claim is enabled. Select the check box to enable the common name claim. Clear the check box to disable the common name claim.

Claim name—The friendly name of this claim.

Claim type—A common name is an arbitrary string that is used to personalize a claim. A security token may contain only one common name claim. It is important to note that there is no mechanism to guarantee the uniqueness of the common name claim or a particular partner’s authority for asserting a given common name. Therefore, use caution when using this claim type in authorization decisions.

Identity claim types include e-mail, user principal name (UPN), and common name. If more than one of these identity claim types is present in a token, the identity claims are populated in the following order:

  1. UPN

  2. E-mail

  3. Common name

Limit auditing—Specifies whether the claim value is audited or shared when the claim is produced or mapped.

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