You can add additional resources, groups or users to have explicit NTFS permissions to access this object, or you can edit or remove the NTFS permissions granted to a resource, group, or user on the object. For the access limitations for each set of NTFS permissions, see File and Folder Permissions.

Inherited permissions are those that are propagated to an object from a parent object. Inherited permissions ease the task of managing permissions and ensure consistency of permissions among all objects within a given container. For more information about the effects of inherited permissions, see How Inheritance Affects File and Folder Permissions.

Item Description

Object name

Names the currently selected object.

Permission entries

Displays each permission entry for this object:

  • Type. Either Allow or Deny this group or user this permission for this object.

  • Name. Resource, user, or group.

  • Permission. Restrictions currently applied to this object for this resource, user, or group.

  • Inherited from. Identifies the parent object.

  • Apply To. Identifies any descendant objects to which the permissions are also applied.

Include inheritable permissions from this object's parent

When selected, each child object will have permissions inherited from its parent object.

When cleared, the permissions applied on the parent object will no longer be applied to its child object or objects.

Replace all existing inheritable permissions on all descendants with inheritable permissions from this object

When selected, permissions on this parent object will replace those on its descendant objects.

When cleared, permissions on each object, whether parent or its descendant, can be unique.